INVITATION: Presentation of the publication “Demographic changes in Slovenia and Europe”

Slovenia and Europe are facing a population that is rapidly ageing. This is due to a lower number of births and emigration of young people as well as an increase in life expectancy. Changes in the age structure are already having an impact on all areas of our lives: from the sustainability of the pension system to health care capacity, the need to establish a long-term care system, the competitiveness of our economy and many other areas.

The ageing population requires not only rapid and effective adaptation to the current situation in the short term but also effective planning of policies in the field of social protection, employment, and many other areas (such as adapting the environment and services to the elderly) as well as appropriate family and housing policies – otherwise, we will never be able to reverse the population’s ageing trends.

That the demographics are a serious issue is evidenced by the fact that the European Commission presented a Green Paper on Ageing at the end of January this year, in response to the European Commission’s report on the impact of demographic change in June 2020. The report found that life expectancy at birth has increased by about 10 years for both men and women over the past 50 years.

At the Anton Korošec Institute, we have been following these worrying demographic trends for a long time. Therefore, in 2020, in cooperation with the Wilfried Martens Center for European Studies, we carried out a project, the publication being a result of the collaboration.

The Anton Korošec Institute and Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies invite you to an online presentation of the publication “Demographic changes in Slovenia and Europe” on Monday, February 22nd, 2021, at 4 PM – 5.30 PM (CET)

Introductory statements will be given by high representatives of both institutes:

  • Primož Jelševar, Director of Anton Korošec Institute
  • Tomi Huhtanen, Executive Director, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies

And authors of the book:

  • Franc Bogovič, MEP SLS/EPP
  • M.Sc. Monika Kirbiš Rojs, State Secretary of Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy
  • Sandra Pasarić, Project Assistant, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies
  • Marjan Podobnik, President of the SLS
  • Prof. Dr Andrej Umek, President of the Expert Council of INAK Institute

Simultaneous interpretation (English <> Slovenian) will be provided throughout the event.

If you would like to partizipate in ZOOM webinar, where Simultaneous interpretation (English <> Slovenian) will be provided, please contact us at:

You are invited to follow the presentation live via Facebook channel Časopis Slovenec. The video will be available with a delay on our YouTube channel Časopis Slovenec, with Slovenian and English versions available.

This event receives financial support from the European Parliament.

Sole liability rests with the organisers, the European Parliament is not responsible for the activity.